Shaken Baby Syndrome

Training Details

Your completion of this training segment involves:

  1. Video Viewing “Portrait of Promise”
  2. Video Viewing of “Never Shake: Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome”
  3. Video Viewing of “Forever Shaken”
  4. Review of Resource Articles (3 PDF’s totaling 6 pages)
  5. Quiz Completion

Shaken Baby Syndrome: Total video viewing time is approximately 8 1/2 minutes.

Never Shake Video


Forever Shaken Video



When you have completed the video viewing, document reading and the quiz, you must complete the acknowledgement at the very bottom of this page.

Training Documents

Shaken Baby Syndrome - Article 1

Shaken Baby Syndrome - Article 2

Shaken Baby Syndrome - Article 3

Acknowledgement of Shaken Baby Syndrome Training

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